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Dear supporters,

The Pilvax Players Theater Company located in New York is looking for more international sponsors for their next productions. Right now we are working on an excellent contemporary Hungarian play written by Edina Tallér named The Californian Dream. The premier will be presented on September 21st at 8 pm at the New Stage Theater (36 W 106 St, NY NY 10004) in New York.

This will be a World Premier performance which costs a lot. It is an international production with a new interpretation about our relations to our society and our “big dreams”. Our artists are from Hungary and/or live in the USA. You can support us in Hungary or here in the USA, IT IS TAX-DEDUCTABLE. Please contact us here pilvaxplayers@gmail.com.

You can support us here:


If you need details, don’t hesitate to call us 212 920 7623 or email us pilvaxplayers@gmail.com

Thank you very much!

Timea Zsedely, PhD
producer, director

Be a creative partner of our campaign! Please share this video with your friends. Your donations are very important for us! It helps to Pilvax Players continue to grow and develop and create a great show. Thank you!


Thank You   Pilvax Art Center!

The Pilvax Art Center is an affiliate of the 10 Thousand Steps Hungarian Bookstore in the East Village in Manhattan. Found at the same location, the art center provides a place for a variety of cultural and creative workshops for many different age-groups. Among its many social functions, it also provides a home for the Pilvax Players, and most of Pilvax Productions’ projects. Our latest endeavor, The Jungle Book, was a direct outcome of this partnership. Your support of the Pilvax Art Center serves as a direct support of many of our future projects.

Please become a member of Pilvax Art Center!

For a mere $50.00 dollars a year you too can become a supporting member. Since we were extremely successful in our original presentation at the La MaMa Theater in New York, we are now preparing to continue the further adventures of The Jungle Book (Hungarian musical with English subtitles) across America. The more support we receive the more places we can showcase this production starting in Spring 2017.

Donations can be made via PayPal, credit card, check, money order, and of course cash if you visit us at: Pilvax Art Center/10 Thousand Steps Bookstore (516 E 11 St New York NY 10009).

 You can support us here:

Thank you very much for your support!


Special Thanks to our sponsors:

World Class Learning Academy New York www.wclacademy.org

10 Thousand Steps Hungarian Bookstore www.hunbookstore.com

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Hungarian Meat Center www.kolbasz.com

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