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“WINTER UNDER THE TABLE” by Roland Topor is returning to the New York stage after 12 years. With a new translation by Eniko Imre, Pilvax Productions is reintroducing this lesser known, delightful French comedy with an international cast.

Roland Topor was a jack-of-all-trades in the field of creative art. With notable works as an illustrator, graphic designer, author, playwright, film maker, song writer, actor and creator of innovative television programming, he was well known and much loved all throughout Europe. His most famous novel, “The Tenant” (1976), was adapted into a film by Roman Polanski. Somewhat revisiting the subject of that movie, “WINTER UNDER THE TABLE” was written in 1994 for the National Theatre in Mannheim, Germany.

Pilvax Productions, who has brought Zsolt Pozsgai’s “Liselotte in May” to the New York stage in 2013 at the Dream Up Festival, is presenting this rare piece of European theatre. With directions by Timea Zsedely, it promises to entertain a wide array of theatre goers. Next to the thought provoking concept and subject matter, the play surly will provide ample entertainment with humorous situations, dialogues and physical comedy.

The play revolves around five characters from different social backgrounds. The story begins with Florence (Lisa Hufnagel), a middle class translator of foreign literature. For an extra boost to help her pay the rent, she sublets the underside of her dining table to an illegal immigrant. Her tenant is the attentive eastern European shoemaker, Dragomir (Roland Udvari), who’s previous addresses include a boiler room, a hollowed out tree trunk and even a family crypt. Their growing camaraderie is slightly sat back and complicated by the arrival of Dragomir’s free-spirited cousin Gritzka (Miklos Solyom). The three quickly begin to discover “trom” in each others company. However, this undefinable element to happiness, is disturbed by Florence’s friend, an upper-class divorcée, Raymond (Eszter Kovacs) and an overachieving, white-collar suitor, Marc (Christopher Kardos), who happens to be Florance’s publisher.

What happens to these people as their world of social and economic situations collide? Come and find out.

“WINTER UNDER THE TABLE” will be performed at the Gene Frankel Theater (24 Bond St New York, NY 10012) from September 11th through the 14th.